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SmartSugar is a pre-configured, yet flexible Cane Management Solution based on SAP system that efficiently manages sugar and ethanol manufacturing businesses. SmartSugar packages an optimal solution that addresses all the pain points experienced by the sugar industry and results in business benefits.

Sugar industry has complex processes, where the production is seasonal and it employs temporary work forces based on the work spikes. This has a direct impact on the sugar cane supplies. The time delay between harvesting of sugar cane and crushing should be minimal; else it would result in lower recovery. These needs make it mandatory to have visibility on critical real-time information related to cane management.

SmartSugar as a pre-configured Cane Management Solution addresses the best practices in business processes and the business needs of the sugar industry. This solution also addresses the needs of IAP and Co-generation Plants.

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SmartSugar Solution - Overview

SmartSugar a pre-configured yet flexible Cane Management Solution

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