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With the knowledge and insights accumulated from over 12 years of service to the manufacturing and automotive industry, we are uniquely placed to address the challenges of the Indian automotive industry. Given the rapid growth this industry has seen in recent times, it has become imperative for all players in this segment, small, mid-size and large organisations to adopt IT solutions to sustain and enable their growth.

Among the various challenges faced by this industry, communication is one such critical challenge:

Efficiently managing thousands of document transactions on a daily basis is a challenge. Mailing systems have proven to be inadequate in handling this volume of transactions. This creates the need for a cost effective EDI solution that provides an efficient communication channel across the automotive food-chain

The other critical challenge is the ability of the EDI solution to translate the invoices, Bill of materials (BoM), estimates, quotes, etc., of the various stakeholders in the eco-system ( dealers, suppliers, OEMs ) into formats compatible with the resident enterprise solution available at the OEM/ manufacturer

To enable our clients overcome these challenges, we have partnered with the global EDI service provider- Tenor, whose solution today has become the de-facto standard in the European markets. Tenor’s proprietary solution eCar(r) services suite is the solution of choice for many global automotive leaders such as Renault SAS, PAS, VOLVO AB, SAB group, SCHLEMMER Group to name just a few.

Tenor is a focussed solution provider on the EDI exchange. Established in 1988, Tenor’s solution today serves 1200 customers in over 40 countries and connects over 8000 OEMs/ integrators. The eCAR(r) solution suite has received several accolades from leading industry bodies such as GALIA (an automotive standardization body) and ODETTE. Tenor is known for its proactive support and for providing professionally relevant quality solutions & services. Tenor’s expertise in information technology and telecommunications makes them a much sought after partner to deliver consultancy and training services as well. In fact GALIA has nominated them to develop and deliver training for EDIFACT migration to their members.

To learn more about the eCAR(R) services suite, click here


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