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Enterprises engaged in manufacturing activities have to contend with not just cost escalations in raw material, energy, logistics, new product development and talent retention but also with the changing policies, stricter regulations and increased competition in global markets.

TVSi, a well-established technology solutions and service provider, has been at the forefront delivering quality business solutions such as SmartCompo, eHCM, Vendor portal,Collaboration portal, SmartEntry and EDI toenable customers optimize their resources, have a sustained revenue growth and create lasting value in the markets they serve.

TVSi is continuously engaged with leading associations and players from the industry, to ensure that their solutions are so designed that it is compliant with global regulations and norms at all times.

Having successfully delivered solutions to over 100+ global clients, seventy percent of who are from the manufacturing industry, TVSi today is the preferred technology partner for enterprise level solution and services.

TVSi, also partners with industry leaders such as SAP, Microsoft; GE and Tenor in their endeavour to provide their customers the most relevant and cost effective technological solutions and services.


SAP support on-demand for an alloy-steel manufacturer

Pre-configured ERP solution for component manufacturing business

Overview of our Services and Solutions

Customer's Speak  

"We know that SAP and
TVS Infotech are with us
all the way to meet our
current and future
requirements and we look
forward to their
continual support."

SK Sivakumar,
Company Secretary,
Nelcast Limited.
"We are satisfied with the
implementation work and
appreciate the overall
deliverables by TVS

Mr. Srinivasa Rao
General Manager,
Kusalava International
"TVSi have an excellent
reputation for outsourced
software development and
test, and this relationship
allows Sitekit & Labs
to be more flexible when
larger projects are taken

Sitekit Labs,