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1. Manufacturing Execution Systems

To achieve sustainable competitive advantages in the contemporary business world, organizations must deploy measures and solutions that respond to market changes, rapidly and accurately and adopt production processes, in real-time. Real-time and updated information about production facilitates informed decision making, and identifies opportunities for improving the production process. An efficient manufacturing execution system (MES) that supports timely execution enables such activities.

TVSi Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) services helps organizations leverage Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) to integrate information flow across the organization value stream by advising on the choice of solution platform and deploying a robust system to streamline and synchronize operations, provide a single view of the plant, facilitate flexibility, reduce production cost and enhance profits. The business benefits of the solution are:

  Real-time visibility into end-to-end manufacturing processes to support
     global coordination

  Complete traceability of products through their lifecycles

  Optimized work in progress (WIP) in response to reduced lead times

  Improved quality and reduction in variation through corrective actions that
     identify defective products

  Enhanced plant performance and profitability

  Optimized productivity and use of resources and assets

2. Plant Automation
3.Manufacturing Intelligence
4.Work Process Management
5.Energy Management
6.Manufacturing Integration


MOM/MES Implementation for Aerospace Component Manufacturer

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